Important Things to Note About Fire Warden Training

When there is fire, lives are on the line, and during these times, people who are expected to offer their help and expertise are fire wardens. They give you reassurance and keep the premises safe, especially if it is an office building with employees. This is the reason why the quality of fire warden training is important, especially when it comes to choosing them. If you are thinking of becoming a fire warden, you will learn a lot from reading this article.

Why Is Fire Warden Training Important?

Fire warden training is significant because the trained person is responsible for identifying fire risks to make sure that the premises are protected from fire. Aside from that, fire wardens should also know how to devise and enforce an escape plan during a fire or drill. Fire warden training helps wardens in companies to successfully fulfil their roles while having the knowledge to stay calm and collected.

How Often Should the Training Be Done?

For the majority of places, training is given annually, but there are some workplaces that require less frequency of training. The emergency plan or risk assessment should be able to give all the information on how often the fire warden training should be. Generally, it is determined by the hazards, risks and kinds of activities that are carried out in the workplace.

Duties During a Fire

Fire wardens can use a fire extinguisher in case there is a small fire, and they can raise the alarm during those moments while calling emergency services. They are supposed to guide and lead the staff to the safest exit routes. If someone has a disability, they are supposed to give assistance. No windows, doors and fire doors should be left open, and fire wardens are expected to be the ones to close them. Once everyone is in a safe area, they are to conduct a roll call to check if someone is missing. When the emergency services arrive, the fire wardens will be the ones to receive them.

Coverage of the Training

Knowledge about the fire safety strategy and building evacuation plan should be taught, which also involves human behaviour during a fire. Wardens will be taught how and when to lead and encourage persons to exit from a building, how to safely look for safe routes and when not to enter a room. Disability procedures are also taught, how to operate and use fire extinguishers and how to create reports.

This is what you need to know about fire warden training. For more information, check out a website like

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